Hygeia Medical Ltd was formed in Ireland in 2017 with the intent to develop a one-stop shop  for some of the highest quality and cutting edge medical, surgical and dental  instruments and devices from across the world at affordable prices for ASEAN countries. 

For this purpose the board of Hygeia is constantly scouring the industry for the new, and also for tried and tested technologies and instruments, while at the same time establishing a network of distributorships and partners in several countries in the region. 

During the Covid19 pandemic our Malaysian subsidiary Hygeia Instruments (Malaysia) Sdnh Bhd was formed there to act as a regional distribution hub and logistics center for surgical instruments and in-vitro tests for Covid19.

Since the end of the pandemic Hygeia has laid the groundwork for marketing and distribution hubs with local partners in Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia. 

During 2023 Hygeia will move to a new online portal at www.Hygeia.icu


Hygeia Medical stands for High Quality
Surgical, Dental Instruments & Pharmaceuticals
at Affordable Prices for the ASEAN region

Hygeia Medical branded instruments

HYGEIA MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS  are being provided to our specifications by over 20 of some of the finest OEM manufacturers from Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Korea and Brazil, among others - all with full CE, ISO 9001, 13485 certification

Huaiyin Surgical Blades and Sutures

offers some of the best surgical blades and sutures in the entire industry which we distribute in Germany

Newgene Covid19 Antigen tests

some of the best selling Covid19 tests in the entire industry and we are their AR in Malaysia and distribute in the EU and the Philippines.

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Visit our HyMed Manufacturing workshop in the Penang Free Trade zone.

Last  year we took part in the SIE2022 Expo and JKR Show showing surgical instruments and tests in Kuala Lumpur

This year we had a stand at APHM Expo in KL showing our extended array of medical instruments and devices.

Make an appointment for TUE or THU 2.00 to 4.00 PM to visit our showroom in Bayan Lepas on Penang Island.

We are in the process of establishing our marketing arms in the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. 

Meet us at INDUSTRY EVENTS in Asia and Europe after the Covid19 epidemic is over.


Learn about events we attend and new instruments as they become available.


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